Dodge Caliber
Dodge Caliber

There are cars in the world that can not be overlooked. Larry Lyons, vice president of technology for the development of front-drive Dodge, in an interview with the press called the car Dodge Caliber «hardtop coupe with the appearance and functionality of SUV».

Indeed, from him to look away. An impressive ground clearance, "muscular" look, massive headlights and front grille, large wheel arches, sloping roof - this car is full of static, a real American.Through the cabin, we still do not get disappointed.

Stylish design - a unique and functional. The quality of materials on top. The front seats are quite comfortable, but not so on the back of "bench", which can fit three, but in the long trip will occur inconvenience and wish to drop extra passenger.The front panel is made in the same Caliber and very interesting style. Echoes of the roots of the sport - three round white dial with a nice light if drawn by compass.

I must say that a lot of information is displayed on the instrument panel, but all the useful information easily perceived by the driver.The center console does not represent anything outstanding, plain heater control knobs, buttons, and the air conditioner recirculation few evoke boredom, but MusicGate Power speaker system with Boston Acoustics speakers and a subwoofer will not acquire any angst sitting inside or the outside. Opening the tailgate, you can reject the dynamics and bring back a lot of envious glances, delighting the rumor surrounding the musical sketches.Inside Caliber you feel like in the SUV - high seating, a selector gearbox is located on a hill, just where you need it. The driver's seat has a lot of adjustments.I found the optimum position for itself in a matter of seconds.In a move Dodge Caliber behaves like a front-drive SUV is compact van. It felt thanks to the high seating position and a very decent by today's standards, clearance - 195 mm.

A small minus is empty drive. The feedback is almost not felt, there is a sense of "computer mouse", but it should be noted that the turning radius is small Caliber, it plays a positive role in the city's crowded. Dodge has a very groovy character, but during sudden maneuvers should be careful - there is no stabilization system (available only in top-end version). With a sharp maneuver rear axle tends to overtake the front. But, despite this, in the drift car is easily managed to cope with it is easy. Just do not require machines no longer possible, the sharpness and control sacrificed comfort.

The car feels good on bumpy roads and broken parts. The only, but a slight negative - it's a weak insulation wheel arches.Under the hood, Dodge Caliber - 2,0-liter 156-horsepower engine World Engine, produced by Alliance GEMA (corporations created DaimlerChrysler, Hyundai Motor Company and Mitsubishi Motors Corporation). Together with the motor comes stepless variator, which can also be controlled manually AutoStick, simulating a 6-step "mechanics". In contrast to the "automatic" transfer do not switch until the "order" of the driver and the change of speed is push the selector to the left or right, not back and forth, like most "classmates".

Claimed to disperse hundreds (in 11.3 seconds) matches the specified parameters. "Change" transfer occurs quickly and quietly, it can be seen only by changing the numbers on the display pattern matching dashboard. In manual mode CVT does not brake and gear selection allows you to keep right up to the redline. The engine brake is quite effective, we just have to get used to the algorithm change gears. I would like to remind you that there is a modification to the Caliber a more powerful engine, in this case, the dynamics of the car even more stunning.Slowing down the brake pedal depressed at Caliber excellent, good efficiency, good feedback, all this allows to predict a stop quickly and easily.

Gasoline consumption for all of the test will not exceed 11.7 liters per 100 kilometers. But it should be noted that during the test the accelerator pedal has been pressed almost all the time until it stops. The average consumption in urban areas will be 9.5 liters.In the evening, returning the car to a car dealership, did not want to release the ignition key Caliber out of hand. This car - your true friend, to help cope with any situation on the road. Everyone will be able to find a Caliber close to their liking. He's so different, and it's one - Dodge Caliber.