The loss of their own car is a huge stress for all owners. What are the recommendations and suggested actions when it detects loss of his car. Thus, a citizen discovered the absence of his vehicle at the required location.

First, calm down and do not panic. This is the most important quality of the action and if you want to return your car.

 The second - to determine the fact of loss of his car. Many mistakenly put the car on the other streets and parking spaces. Maybe your car was parked in the wrong place and already waiting for you to fine-parked?

 But, if the hijacking of cars still evident, it is necessary to take the most urgent actions.

 A call to the police to make sure where you give all the details and place of the abandoned cars. Also highly recommended to find out whether there is a near by CCTV, which subsequently will be able to do a good job and be a great proof of the theft.

 When you call the police, you must write a statement, and even ask for help or for a statement, and the excited criminal case. This handy reference you with further appeals to the insurance companies, as well as to lawyers and the courts. Once the application is submitted, do not try to sit idly by. Undertake all efforts to seek their own car. A good and effective way is posting ads or appeal through television and the Internet about finding his missing car for a fee.

 Try to start with the police in a closer relationship and maybe you will make concessions. Search cars by their efforts often in conjunction with members of the Interior gives a very tangible results. Remember that stealing own car - this is a very important event in the life of every car owner, and found it not often. Therefore, take seriously to this loss and be ready to take decisive action. Starting from an emotional state, and ending with concrete actions. There are also options for treatment in the private detective agency, where for a fee you will be dealt with by professionals. Recourse may be had to the authorities auto markets where your car thieves may have put up for sale. The general advice for all car owners - have any differences on their own cars, making it easier to search. In general, the options are many. The main thing - to act.