sure before the first departure of winter make it a rule to prepare it in a proper way. This measure in itself, though forced, but necessary. Then you will have no problems running the engine in normal driving on ice and snow-covered areas. Even in his garage can make a diagnosis machine without resorting to autofocus. And if you still can not spend it all or do not have sufficient skills to invite a knowledgeable master

First, the procedures that you can do yourself is to check the condition of shock absorbers, brake drums, brakes and suspension arms. If during the examination found bruises on the pads or drum brakes, quickly change the brake fluid and leaking brake cylinders, or in such condition operate a car in the winter time can not. Such a replacement is recommended once every two years.

In the winter time, if the machine is not thought up to exploit, to pour petrol into the fuel tank under the "neck" to avoid the crystallization of their vapors. Especially for engines with injection injection.

Before exploitation cars in the winter , be sure to replace your rubber wheels. Studded tires to prevent the introduction and especially in icy conditions. For more information, see the article choice of tire .

Then check the battery. Check the density of electrolyte in all banks. If it is lower than winter rates, bring it to a value equal to 1.27. If this operation fails, will have to change the battery. A battery with low-density poor hope, because it can bring you at any time, especially in winter. After graduating trip, store the battery home. Its normal temperature for storing +20 C. If the battery is frozen, and you can not start the engine, enter it home and place it in hot water to the appropriate capacity for a short time, plunging it into two-thirds height. Thus, he warmed up and ready to run.

Summer candles replace the winter, but do not throw them away. In the summer they still serve you.

sure to change the oil filter and check the belt tension generator. In the summer, replace the transmission oil on canvas with a low viscosity. Therefore, use only the winter grade oil 5W40 or 10W40.

If you use your car in winter, take care the protection of housing

In winter, after a long parking is possible freezing of brake shoes to the drums. Therefore, pay special attention to them. And last - fill the tank "antifreeze" and then the windshield will always be clean and will not give you the extra hassle for any winter weather. Good luck!