The structure still is a solid candy bar. Suspension consists of a McPherson strut type front and multi-link independent system at the rear. A transversely mounted engine - already familiar to us from the Honda V6 unit volume of 3.5 liters. The only transmission offered is a variation of the previous five-speed automatic transmission, was present at the first generation of cars.

The AWD system is a development of Honda - Variable Torque Management Four Wheel Drive (VTM-4) - "smart" compact system torque transmission on the rear of the wheel on the evidence of multiple sensors, computer-controlled. The Russian car market is available with permanent all-wheel drive.

Suspension travel, compared to the first generation, we must admit, has increased. Of course, 6-cylinder gasoline engine SOHC, equipped with the system timingI-VTEC, now produces 257 hp. s. instead of the previous 244. Yet there is a system of Honda Variable Cylinder Management (VCM), which closes off the fuel supply to half the cylinders when the engine does not carry a heavy load, which can significantly save fuel. Wheels increased from 16 to 17 inches, respectively, and increased the size of the tires.

It should be noted excellent performance playfulness Pilot, which accelerates from 0 to 100 km / h in 9.9 seconds. By the way, the maximum speed of the vehicle, the manufacturer, is 180 km / h. Shift transmission is very cheerful, it is impossible not to notice, and they say that the presence of the sixth acceleration rate would be more intense at lower gear ratios. But in everyday use transmission is very, very friendly.

In addition, Honda Pilot in abundance is equipped with various support functions, such as ABS, EBD, Brake Assist, VSA, HSA and other "helpers" are able to facilitate and secure control of the car on the road and off-road.In general, the impression of riding on this giant is just perfect: the car excellent road holding, very gently enters the turns and generally looks more like a ship sailing on the waves, and have no desire to make the most of her high-speed, comfortable ride so much that I want to relax and enjoy drifting scenery. And the interior, and interior comfort, the best way to have peace and enjoyment of the trip. The seats of the new Honda Pilot - differ fine shape, wrapped with good skin quality and easy adjustment for any driver.To the delight in the Honda have not lost the ability to put all the switches and controls are logically understandable. The meter readings are good enough and just read, despite the fact that the light background somewhat hampered by the rapid perception of data in bright sunlight. ECO green light comes on every time the computer gives a command to close the half-cylinders, as if the Pilot can not wait to show off her concern for the environment.Inside, there are plenty of places to store your necessary things on the trip, including a collapsible center console, which appears to be possible to fit a supermarket.

As with the previous Pilot, and the majority of all Honda models, this machine is extremely practical interior, which also will serve you for years to come.In short the new work Honda has not brought the reputation of the company. There is still a simple, reliable, cost-effective, as befits a Honda.Coming out of the Pilot I realized that I fell in love with this car at first sight. Since a test drive, I thought that this ship is a purely masculine machine, all spoke about it - the size, characteristics, BUT in the end I realized - Pilot - this woman's dream of a gentle, strong, mighty knight, for whose powerful data is safe feel weak woman, protected from any surprises.