Buying a car that was already in use is important to determine its condition and for her stay in the water. This is the most important point in buying it.

Car - drowned is a bigger threat to the buyer. If the car traveled in the water, the first thing out of order all its electrical equipment. To a large extent it depends on the aquatic environment. In seawater, the entire electric system can completely fail due to its impact on sea salt.

Addition to the CV joints, ball joints and bearings in any case, reach the soil fine particles of silt, which reduces the endurance of the car. This car has been in the water begins to rapidly Corroded because of its closed cavities visited water.

Is it possible at all to remove all those consequences drowned, if you are - still have bought such a car? One answer - yes, if you DISASSEMBLE car - drowned all to the last nut and bolt, well dry, smazhete, clean and re-assemble. But we must bear in mind that such an operation to restore the drowned is comparable to the price of a new car. You need this? Answer for you.

now consider how the seller will try to sell such a machine - drowned. Naturally it would eliminate all the consequences of her drowning.

  • The car-drowning are dried seats, interior, all electrical components and assemblies have been replaced by all operating fluids. However, the signs of drowning, you can still determine, even visually.
  • can be seen to malfunction of electrical equipment - an unstable motor starting, faults in his work, failures of onboard computer, unstable work of turn signals and the central locking.
  • Odors passenger compartment and trunk, which are hidden flavors of different kinds of fresheners.
  • Leather armchairs necessarily become zadubeloy and sled seat you're sure to find traces of rust.
  • Moisture, which can not be removed even after drying, can be found on the plastic compartment under the steering wheel of sex.
  • Similar traces can be seen on the inside of the headlights and taillights (condensate).
  • From the water you'll find blurred reflector optics, and on the inner side of the dashboard you can see her sweat.
  • Here are simple ways to recognize the car - drowned.